KC Golden Gloves History

The KC Golden Gloves regional championship is the longest running sporting event in Kansas City history, with the first regional Golden Gloves tournament held February 1936 at the Old Convention Hall on 13th and Central, sponsored by the Kansas City Star Newspaper.  During this era, only newspapers or radio stations were permitted to sponsor a Golden Gloves franchise.  Ernie Mehl, a sports writer and later Sports Director, was appointed Golden Gloves Director.  Under his direction, many successful tournaments were held. 


In 1937, the new Municipal Auditorium was completed and the Second Regional tournament was held with approximately fifteen boxing clubs from the franchise area including Chillicothe, Joplin, Springfield and St. Joseph participating. 


During World War II, under the leadership of Charlie Myers and assistance from Tom McHugh, the franchise prospered by support from the Teamsters Union, National Alliance of Businessmen and the Kansas City, Missouri Welfare Department (now the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation), Hayes A. Richardson, Director.  The Kansas City Star relinquished sponsorship of the Golden Gloves in 1947 and Charlie continued his tenure until his death in 1966.


After Charlie Myer’s death, one of the Golden Gloves supporters, Dr. James DiRenna assumed duties as the Director and was instrumental in reorganizing into a non-profit corporation in the State of Missouri and was its first President.


All revenues generated by the Kansas City Golden Gloves are turned back into our program to purchase boxing equipment for new and existing clubs, for team travel, and to fund scholarships for our boxers.